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title: so wait for the stone on your window
author odalique
rating: pg-13
pairing: chekov/sulu
summary: (au) there is a limit to the number of times they can do this without getting caught.
notes: for picaresque_trek and the prompt/song: o valencia! this is my first chekov/sulu fic, and it is probably not the idea colin meloy had in mind when he wrote this song but i didn't want to do a direct interpretation. hopefully, it works. if not, i can try again. mad props to welovethelegend for the beta.

( so wait for the stone on your window )

april check in

How's everybody's year going? How are you finding writing or drawing, etc? Anybody need a beta or a helping hand, or want to offer beta-ing services? Feel free to ask in the comments.

If anybody is new or didn't get to sign up last time, you can still claim a prompt whenever. Guidelines are here, the reference post for songs is here, and the claims post is here.

round one masterlist

Round One has begun!

Here are the claims so far:

vega_ofthe_lyre : Yankee Bayonet
izzyfics : Shankill Butchers
anonwritten : Hazards of Love (full album)
takhallus : Los Angeles, I'm Yours
samueljames : We Both Go Down Together
sidnihoudini : The Bagman's Gambit
carry_on : On the Bus Mall
normalhumanbein : Red Right Ankle
therumjournals : Sons and Daughters

Hot dang that is a good list. I am so damn excited for this.

So, anybody who wants to post their work can go ahead and do so! Please refer to this post for guidelines.

Prompts are still available for claiming. You can post them whenever you like, and a new master list will be put together on April 1st, if there's any new claims. The claiming post is here.

Happy writing/drawing! I am so excited to see the outcome I can't even believe it!!

Feb 28th coming up fast!


This is a friendly reminder that February 28th is coming up in a few days! After that claiming for "round one" will close. I'll put up a masterlist of claimed prompts and you can start posting your fic and art!

You can still claim stuff after February 28th, so if you are busy at the moment, then no worries! Remember to pimp the comm to your friends, and that both fic and art are welcome.

Reference post with lyrics and youtube links is here, claim your prompts here.

claiming post

Claiming is now open!

In the comments are the songs. Comment on the ones you want to take.

The lyrics and samples of music are in this reference post.

You can claim basically as many songs as you want to write fic or make art for, but please be serious about your capacity to complete your project in the March-April time period. After "round one" is over you can pick up more prompts or ones that weren't fulfilled by their claimers (claimants?).

Please specify in your comment if you are doing fic or art.

Two authors and two artists can claim a prompt at the same time. First come first served. I mean, no one's gonna stop you from writing or drawing whatever the hell you want, but let's see if we can get all the prompts filled before doubling up on stuff? That would be cool! Or, whatever. It's no big deal.

Collaborations are totally cool. Any kind of art is welcome - like, if you want to make comics or crafts for your fill, go for it.

Claiming "Ends" on Feb 28

Basically after Feb 28th I will make a master list of who has claimed what, so we know what to look forward to. But you can still claim more prompts if that's how you roll.

Posting will "begin" on March 1st. Unless, like, you really want to post earlier. Heh. Round one "ends" on April 31st, but all that means is that the prompt and claiming posts will be bumped for another round of pickins. You can finish your story or art whenever. If you are late to the party, feel free to grab a prompt (preferably an unclaimed one if possible, or at least unfilled) and jump in.

Also if somebody posts really cool art for their fill and you end up writing fic based on it, (or vice versa) you can post that here too.

If you have *already* written a Star Trek fic with a Decemberists bent, you can post it now. Please indicate that it was written before the challenge in your header.

Please refer to this post for more guidelines about deadlines and posting. If you have any questions please post them in this post, or you can PM me if your question is of a ~*sensitive nature*~.

PLEASE NOTE: During the dates of the Winter Olympics (Feb 12-28) I won't be around very often as I will be working at them. So... I don't know, be patient or whatever. I'll probably still be checking LJ, just sporadically.

Claim away! And feel free to promote this comm to your friends and whatnot!
*Getting the party started*

I wrote this a couple months ago for the following prompt from stxi_sinfest:
And just to lay with you, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do save lay my rifle down ("Here I Dreamt I was an Architect")

Don't be scared of the mirrorverse--it's very mild in this fic.

Title: Courting
Author: izzyfics
Pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, Chekov/Chapel (all Mirrorverse)
Summary: When the presents started arriving, McCoy was baffled
Rating: NC-17 for sex, language, references to violent acts, light bondage (you know, the usual MU stuff, except this includes FLUFF)

He could make it an order-God knows McCoy had been waiting for the summonsCollapse )

reference post is up! and question post!

A reference post for the songs being prompted is now up.

If I have missed any songs you really wanted to be included, please let me know and I'll add it. As it stands it is kind of a list of my current favourite Decemberists songs. There are 34 songs, which I figure is enough, and I totally don't mind if more than one person takes a prompt. But there is always room for more I guess.

Pre-Existing Fic

If you have already written a Star Trek fic with a Decemberists bent (or made art or whatever), you can post it to the community now. Just say in your header that it is not part of the challenge.


If you have any questions or comments you can make them in this post.

Remember to pimp this challenge to your friends! There is no need to know about the Decemberists in advance, all the prompts have youtube videos or song uploads so everybody can enjoy. :-)


prompt reference post


This is the picaresque_trek prompt reference post. It is not the claiming post! Claiming will start on the 15th. This post is for your perusal to see what prompts you might like. I have listed the songs and in the comments I've put the lyrics, and included youtube videos where possible and uploaded the songs otherwise.

Please direct all questions or comments about anything to this post.

External links open in a new window/tab. Please let me know at the other post if there are any broken links.

So, here are all the songs available for claiming, in the order in which they appear in my iTunes!

SinglesCollapse )

From Castaways and CutoutsCollapse )

From The Crane WifeCollapse )

From the Hazards of LoveCollapse )

From Her Majesty the DecemberistsCollapse )

From PicaresqueCollapse )

From the Tain/5 SongsCollapse )

Ones I MissedCollapse )

welcome post and guidelines!

Hello and welcome to the Picaresque Trek fic-a-thon! (Many many apologies if this turned up on your flist more than once, for some reason it was taking me ages to get the formatting right.)

Pronunciation: \ˌpi-kə-ˈresk, ˌpē-\
Function: adjective

: of or relating to rogues or rascals; also : of, relating to, suggesting, or being a type of fiction dealing with the episodic adventures of a usually roguish protagonist, ie "a picaresque novel".

Picaresque can describe the spirit of the original Star Trek series, with its daring, charismatic captain and tales of intrigue, romance, murderers and pirates. This spirit was carried on into several movies and television series, spawning the fandom we all know and love decades later.

Picaresque is also an album by the Decemberists, a band that often sings songs about intrigue, romance, murderers and pirates.

picaresque_trek is a fic and fanart challenge using a selection of Decemberists songs as prompts. You do not need previous knowledge of the Decemberists to join in, as all the song prompts will be provided, but if you like the crazy epic plots and literary references in Star Trek, there's a very good chance you'll like the music.

Where did it come from? On the original Star Trek XI kink meme, Decemberists lyrics were prompted. A fic was written, and a conversation about how awesome a Decemberists-based fic-a-thon would be ensued. Then everybody forgot about it for a few months, until now!

What Can You Make?

Star Trek fanfiction or fanart with a Decemberists bent. This may mean an epic AU based on the plot of a song – “The Mariner's Revenge Song” may become Mirror!Spock's lifelong quest to revenge his mother's death, for instance, set in whaling times, or perhaps, some kind of space-whaling age. The sky is the limit!

On the other hand, sleepy little songs can inspire sleepy little romantic (or not) fics. “The Apology Song” has Cadet Kirk getting Cadet Sulu's bicycle stolen, or “Billy Liar” sees Kirk wasting a summer vacation from Starfleet Academy by teaching Bones how to dance.

Non-AU, episode like fics are also great. There's also no reason to stick slavishly to the contents of the song – if “The Legionnaire's Lament” reminds you more of a certain nationalistic Russian than a Frenchman, go for it. (Although a Picard-fic based on that song would be amazing.) If you wish to slash or femmeslash the song, there's no need to worry about the gender of the singer or the character being sung to. Do what feels right!

We don't particularly want traditional 'songfics' - the kind where a character mulls things over internally while lyrics from the song are separate from the rest of the story. We don't want to restrict what people write altogether, but encourage participants to write narrative stories that stand on their own as opposed to the kind of story that 'songfic' describes. A reader unfamiliar with the song should still be able to enjoy it.

picaresque_trek is open to stories for any Star Trek fandom – Reboot, TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise stories are all welcome, although I have a feeling that Reboot and TOS will dominate. Gen, het, slash, and femmeslash are all welcome.

Art is also totally welcome, as are comic fills and collaborations.

How It'll WorkCollapse )

Some RulesCollapse )

How to Post Your Story or ArtCollapse )

This is my first fic-a-thon so I am totally open to suggestions about how to run this thing, and this post may change over time, but at the end of the day I want everyone to have fun. If you like, offer suggestions or questions in the comments!